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Pantomime Scripts

Yankee Doodle

So-so songstress Lola La Goon winds up way out West when she is suddenly stranded deep in the heart of Texas. However, she has a treasure map showing the location of the Lost Marbles Goldmine, and that could land her in the lap of luxury. You can bet a bucket of bullfrogs that the no good, ornery skunk Snide Winder, will be on hand to hinder, when schoolmarm Miss Mercy Mee, singing cowboy, Sol Farr, and unsung hero, Donny Doodle, help Lola go for gold. Get back to frontier frolics in the wildest woolliest wackiest, Western of them all. It’s a rootin’-tootin’, shootin’, high-falutin’, scootin’, hootin’… well… that gives you a rough idea!

CAST; LOLA LA GOON (a Chanteuse); MERCY MEE (a School Marm); DONNY DOODLE (an unlikely Hero); SNIDE WINDER (a no-good Hombre); WILMA WINDER (his drippy Daughter); WANDA WINDER (his drippier Daughter); SOL FARR (a Singing Cowboy); INDIAN CHIEF; MINNIE SKIRT (an Indian Maid); MARVIN MARBLES (a grizzled old Geezer); AL FRESCO (an Italian Cowboy); LUIGI (an Italian Cowboy); SHIRLEY (a Little Girl); SHERMAN (a Little Boy); WIDOW PAINE (a Shopkeeper); ANNIE (a little Orphan); CAT (a Mirage); COOK (a Mirage); GREASY GONZALES (a Mexican Bandit); BERTHA (a Ghostbuster); HILARY (a Ghostbuster); MAMIE (a Ghostbuster); NINA (a Ghostbuster); TINKERBELLE STARR (a Fairy); Townsfolk, Cowboys, Indians, Mexicans, Children etc.

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To make your shows as professional as possible, G.Wizz scripts include music cues, effects cues, lighting and sound cues, drum cues, suggestions for music, and production notes.

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