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Pantomime Scripts

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Pantomime

When the Magic Mirror tells the wicked Queen Catrina that her stepdaughter Snow White is the fairest of them all, she determines to get rid of her rival for good. Lost, deep in the dark, dangerous forest, Snow White is befriended by seven dwarfs as she waits for her handsome Prince, but the cunning Queen will stop at nothing, and devises a particularly poisonous plan. This version of the much-loved, classical fairytale, has added amusement, and lots of heigh-ho hilarity, to make it an enchanting entertainment that will be enjoyed happily ever after.

CAST: DAME DOLLY (a Cook, Cleaner and Bottle-washer); SNOW WHITE; SIMPLE SIMON; QUEEN CATRINA; PRINCE FLORIAN; REGGIE RANK (a Peddler); PHINEAS PHILE (another Peddler); SIR FARLEY FUSSPOTT (the Court Chamberlain); RUSTY (a Dwarf); DUSTY (a Dwarf); SNOOZE (a Dwarf); SWOT (a Dwarf); DODGER (a Dwarf); BODGER (a Dwarf); NOODLE (a Dwarf); AGGIE (The Old Woman Of The Woods); SWAMPY (a Monster); THE MAGIC MIRROR; Villagers, Ladies in Waiting, Lords and Ladies. Children etc.

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