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Pantomime Scripts

Sleeping Beauty Pantomime

Once upon a long time ago, there was a beautiful Princess, who was cruelly cursed by an evil enchantress. When she pricks her finger on the spindle of a spinning-wheel, the royal personage falls into a sleep that is so deep, only a good and proper prince can save the day. The rest, as they say, is kisstory! It’s a fantastically frisky frolic, with oodles of fadoodle… filched from non-other than Charles Perrault (Who he? Ed.) by G. Wizz Promotions. Let’s face it, who else would have the nerve to bash out a blurb like this?

CAST: KING COURTNEY; QUEEN DOREEN; PRINCESS PAULETTE; PROSPER PRINCE (a Minstrel); NANNY TUCKET; FAIRY FIRST (a Pairy); FAIRY FOREMOST (another Pairy); HANDLEY PAGE (a Page); JACK A’NORY (a Storyteller); NASTASIA (a frightful Fairy); DODIE DOOLALLIE (an Acrobat); DOTTIE DOOLALLIE (an Acrobat); DONNIE DOOLALLIE (an Acrobat); PENELOPE (a Chorus Girl); *PROFESSOR AUGUSTUS (AUGUSTA) GUSTO PhD (a Teacher); Villagers, Courtiers, Guards, Lords and Ladies etc.

*This role can be played as a male or female character.

SCENES: Various settings, mainly exterior, including Front-cloth or Front of Curtain.

Help Included

To make your shows as professional as possible, G.Wizz scripts include music cues, effects cues, lighting and sound cues, drum cues, suggestions for music, and production notes.

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