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Pantomime Scripts

Sinbad the Sailor Pantomime

Phoney fortune-teller Sadie Sinbad is commanded by the Caliph to consults her crystal ball and discover the whereabouts of his daughter, the shipwrecked Princess Serena. Surprisingly, she succeeds, and sets sail with her sons Sinbad and Izzy to the Island of Fire, where an angry volcano threatens to blow its top. Raghbag the Ruthless rules the roost, and the giant Roc Bird's airborne attacks ruffle everyone's feathers. Round the rugged rocks, the ragged rescuers run, in an effort to make their escape and head for a safe harbour. It's an Arabian Nights knockabout with a thousand-and-one laughs.

CAST: SADIE SINBAD (a Fortune-teller); SINBAD THE SAILOR (her Son); IZZY (her other Son); THE CALIPH; PRINCESS SERENA (his Daughter); RAHGBAG THE RUTHLESS; MUKHEEP (Raghbag's Bodyguard); PHOAH (a Deckhand); APHT (a Deckhand); LIMPET (the Old Woman of the Sea); HASSAN (the Headman); CAPTAIN OF THE CALIPH'S GUARD; KARZI (a Camel Driver); SHAYDI (a Slave Trader); A CAMEL; A GHOST; Traders, Townsfolk, Slaves, Sailors, Islanders etc.

The Caliph could be doubled with Mukheep, or Hassan

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