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Pantomime Scripts

Robinson Crusoe Pantomime

There's high jinx on the high seas in this animated adventure, as Robinson Crusoe sets off to find the treasure belonging to Pirate Pierre, with a crew that includes his mother, Clara, brother Billy, his sweetheart, Polly Perkins, and her father, the Mayor. The pesky Pierre stows away on the voyage, plots a mutiny, and scuttles the ship. Everyone is saved, thanks to Briny the Sea Sprite, but their island haven is the haunt of bloodthirsty cannibals. They rescue Girl Friday, who leads them to the treasure, but before the adventurers head for home, one badly behaved buccaneer has to be put in his place.

CAST: CLARA CRUSOE (a Fishmonger); ROBINSON CRUSOE (her Son); BILLY CRUSOE (her other Son); MAYOR PERCY PERKINS; POLLY PERKINS (his Daughter); PIRATE PIERRE; HENRY EBB (a stupid Sailor); FRANKIE FLOW (a very stupid Sailor); BOBBY PINN (a Policeman); GIRL FRIDAY; BRINY (a Sea Sprite); AMPHITRITE (Queen of the Sea); A 'MALE' GORILLA; A 'FEMALE' GORILLA; Townsfolk, Sailors, Pirates, Mermaids, Cannibals etc.

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