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Pantomime Scripts

Red Riding Hood Pantomime

When Holly Hood goes to visit her Grandma in the village of Dillydally, she is warned about a werewolf in the woods. It turns out there's actually a brace of beasties... which is seriously sloppy lycanthropy! With former felon, Dick Turnip rooting around and Fairy Dust clouding the issue, it's a mystery that baffles the local lawmen, Beadle, Dumm and Beadle Dee... but that's par for the course, of course. Meanwhile, back at the plot, Holly's put in a prickly predicament, but the gals got guts... and a canny granny. You won't cry wolf, you'll howl with laughter at this side-splitting story... with a twist in the tail!

CAST: GRANNY HOOD; HOLLY HOOD (her Granddaughter); ROWAN (a Forester); BARNEY BRANCH; BEADLE DEE (a barmy Beadle); BEADLE DUMM (a barmier Beadle); DICK TURNIP (a Highwayman); LANCELOT LATCH (his Lackey); WOLFY (a Werewolf); FAIRY DUST; BUD (a Tree feller); LOU (a Tree feller); PHOEBE FITZWHISTLE; THREE WOODPIGEONS; BELLE PUSH (a Hollywood heroine); COLE SHOULDER (a Hollywood villain); ED HONCHO (a Film director); ANDY CRANKER (a Cameraman); FLIP OVER (a Clapperboard operator); DUCKY (a Duck); Villagers, Children etc.

Beadle Dee and Beadle Dumm can be played as women police constables - W.P.C. Dee and W.P.C. Dumm.

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