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Pantomime Scripts

Jack and the Beanstalk Pantomime

Fee-fo-fi fun and games with Dame Dinkie Durden and her sons, Jack and Jimmy. When the all-powerful Giant Blunderbore sends his tax collector, the sinister Scallawag, to demand more money for his coffers, no one has any spare cash to spend on Durden’s Dairy Ices, so Jack is sent to the market, to sell the family’s prize possession, Daisy the cow. A mysterious stranger tricks Jack into parting with Daisy for a bag of beans, but fortunately, Fairy Bubble is on hand to work some magic. A giant beanstalk grows, and Jack climbs to Cloudland, to face up to the fearsome Giant – with a little help of course. The daftness reaches dizzy heights.

CAST: DAME DINKY DURDEN; JACK (her Son); JIMMY (her other Son); BARON BIGWIG; JILL (his Daughter); DAPHNE (the Dairymaid); SLAP (the Baron's Handyman); TICKLE (the Baron's other Handyman); GIANT BLUNDERBORE; SCALLAWAG (the Giant's Henchman); FAIRY BUBBLE; MAYOR MUDDLEHEAD; THE MAYORESS; CLARISSA (a Cow); A SPOOKY GUARD; Villagers, Children, Guards etc.

Help Included

To make your shows as professional as possible, G.Wizz scripts include music cues, effects cues, lighting and sound cues, drum cues, suggestions for music, and production notes.

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