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Pantomime Scripts

Humpty Dumpty Pantomime

Dame Trudy Frewty makes a giant chocolate egg as part of the traditional Easter celebrations in the village of Hennyware, but wicked Witch Wellygogs and her loony lackey, Weed, put in an appearance, and the crone conjures up a demon inside the egg. Lorenzo, a gypsy, tries to undo the wicked spell, but only ends up in trouble, although he does succeed in changing the demon into a fun-loving fellow called Humpty Dumpty. When Wellygogs kidnaps the Princess Petal, a rescue party sets off for the witch's castle, where the scary Cellar Monster lies in wait. This one's a cracker - as sure as eggs are eggs.

CAST: DAME TRUDY FREWTY (a Shopkeeper); FREDDY FREWTY (her Son); KING EGBERT; PRINCESS PETAL (his Daughter); LORENZO (a Gypsy); LORETTA (a Gypsy ); SERGEANT SLOPE (a Soldier); HUMPTY DUMPTY (a Magical Character); WITCH WELLYGOGS; WEED (Witch Wellygogs' Minion); THE CELLAR MONSTER; THE EASTER BUNNY; Villagers, Gypsies, Soldiers, Slaves, Children etc.

Weed can be played as a male or female character.

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