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Pantomime Scripts

Hickory Dickory Dock Pantomime

When Glitch, the Crimson Witch tampers with time in the village of Hickory Dickory, it’s a race against the clock to get things ticking over again. Fairy Flywheel finds a way for Carrie Bucket, and her friends to set off in search of Father Time, the only person who could hold the key to the problem. Things hardly run like clockwork, but with the help of Grandmother Clock and the Time Lord, Doctor Watt (Who?), the time-travellers manage to keep one step ahead of the wicked Witch, and wind up safely back home. How time flies when you’re having fun!

CAST: CARRIE BUCKETT (a Cleaner); BECKY (her Daughter); TIM (a Clockmaker); FERDY FLAPP (an Odd-job Man); GLITCH (the Crimson Witch); FAIRY FLYWHEEL; MAYOR CULPER; DOCTOR WATT (a Time Lord); GRANDMOTHER CLOCK; OLD FATHER TIME; JILL FROST; MAD HATTER; MARCH HARE; QUEEN OF HEARTS; ICE MONSTER; Villagers, Workers, Gremlins, Courtiers etc.

Mayor Culper could be doubled with Old Father Time. Grandmother Clock could be doubled with the Queen of Hearts. Doctor Watt can be played as a male or female character.

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