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Pantomime Scripts

Hamlet - ye Pantomime

By the pricking of my thumbs, something wacky this way comes. Yes, It’s ‘Hamlet ye Pantomime’…the show they said couldn’t be done, shouldn’t be done… and most likely won’t be done! Bill the Bard’s biggie has been given a good going-over by this son of York. Spoofing Shakespeare? O, what men dare do! Hamlet is just your basic boy-meets-ghost, with bodkins, fardels, slings and arrows added for good measure, but this version is a silly, slapstick saga of Scandinavian skulduggery… a quirky, perky pastiche of probably the most puzzling play on the planet. It’s very much an ensemble show with something for everybody… even the audience. Though this be madness, yet there is method in it!

Here’s more matter for a May morning… or an evening any time throughout the year…a this script could be performed as part of a regular drama season, even by societies who don’t present an annual pantomime. It does you good to let your hair down once in a while… providing you can still see where you’re going!

CAST: HAMLET (Prince of Denmark); KIZZY QUICKLY (a Pantomime Dame); OPHELIA LOBELIA; QUEEN GERTRUDE (Hamlet’s Mother); CLAUDIUS #1 (a King); CLAUDIUS #2 (another King); BOLONIUS (the Court Marshall); ROSIE KRANTZ (a Guard); GILDA STERN (another Guard); LEIF (a Page); GHOST (a former King); WENDA WEYARD (a Witch); WILMA WEYARD (another Witch); WINONA WEYARD (a third Witch); DIRECTOR; PEASEBLOSSOM (a Fairy); BRUCE BURROW (a Gravedigger); DES DELVE (another Gravedigger); DEREK (a former Funster); RALPHIE (a Rabbit); HERCULE PIERROT (a Detective); ANNOUNCER; Citizens, Courtiers, Actors; Jingle Singers; Fairies; Ghosts; Cinderella; Rabbit the Bruce; Spider Girl; etc.

Help Included

To make your shows as professional as possible, G.Wizz scripts include music cues, effects cues, lighting and sound cues, drum cues, suggestions for music, and production notes.

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