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Pantomime Scripts

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Liddy Locks and her daughter Goldie are struggling to run the Spiffyliddy Circus, and their rival, the swaggering Sergei Sardine is keen to cash in, should their business go bust. Goldie Locks’ timely meeting with a talented trio of bears may just save the show, but Sardine snatches the superstars and heads for his hideout near the fearsome Far-flung Forest. Then it’s a race against time, trouble and topsyturviness. Can the clowns come up trumps? Will the Spiffyliddy Circus survive, or will Liddy lose out? The tension is almost unbearable, but the laughs ring out in this tip-top, big top treat.

CAST: LIDDY LOCKS (Owner of the Spiffyliddy Circus); GOLDIE LOCKS (Liddy’s Daughter); KENNY (Liddy’s Son); NICKY (a Roustabout); SERGEI SARDINE (Owner of Sardine’s Circus); MAXIM GAWKY (his Minder); TANYA TIPOVA (a Tightrope Walker); CUDDLES (A Female Clown); CUSTARD (A Male Clown); DADDY BEAR; MUMMY BEAR; BABY BEAR; CHARLOTTE SHORTER (a TV Reporter); THE FOREST (LONE) RANGER; TONTO (an Indian); JUNGLE JANE; ISIAH (a Dog); BABA YAGA (a Witch); Circus Crew, Performers, Clowns, Townsfolk, Serfs, Animals etc

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