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Pantomime Scripts

Frankenstein Pantomime

Whilst touring Europe, Flossie Flinch and her daughter Sally stop off for the annual Beer Festival in the sleepy Swiss village of Nockembach. Nearby in the notorious Castle Frankenstein, the barmy Baron is busy in his body shop, cobbling together his latest creature creation. You'll rock with laughter when the muddled monster he makes absconds and ambles around the Alps. Very soon, the hills are alive with the sound of alarm bells, which creates a bit of a ding-dong. The classic tale of terror it ain't... but it's certainly a silly, side-splitting send-up that will have you in stitches.

CAST: FLOSSIE FLINCH; SALLY FLINCH (her Daughter); KARL (a Goatherd) ZIGGY (the Village Idiot); BARON VICTOR FRANKENSTEIN; GUNTHER GRIMM (a Daft Dogsbody); GUSSIE GRIMM (a Dafter Dogsbody); MONTY (the Monster); IGOR BLIMEY (the Baron's Assistant); HORST ROFF (a Villager); MITZI BITZI (a Villager); BERTA KUPP (a Villager); THE BURGERMEISTER (the Mayor); ELSIE EKEL (the Baron's Housekeeper); CHEERLEADER; NICK O'TIME (A Leprechaun); Villagers, Children, Cheerleaders, etc.

Gussie Grimm can be played as a male or female character.

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