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Pantomime Scripts

Dick Whittington Pantomime

Dick Whittington travels from Gloucester with his cat Thomas, to find his fortune in London, and meets Alice Fitzwarren, who persuades her father to give Dick a job in his store. When Master Marlin, a business partner of Alderman Fitzwarren steals some money from the shop, Dick is blamed and dismissed in disgrace. Determined to prove his innocence, with the help of Sarah the Cook and Idle Jack, Dick joins the crew of Marlin's ship on a voyage to the Barbary Coast. The evil King Rat causes the ship to sink, but Dick and his companions survive, only to be brought before the all-powerful Sheik Anvac, who is in an unforgiving mood, because his country is overrun with rats. Dick's feline friend saves the day; the adventurers are amply rewarded, and return with their reputations restored.

CAST: DICK WHITTINGTON; THOMAS (a Cat); SARAH (a Cook); IDLE JACK; ALDERMAN FITZWARREN; ALICE (his Daughter); SPIKE MARLIN (Master of the Good Ship 'Shirley'); MRS. MARLENE MARLIN (his Wife); SHEIK ANVAC; YASMIN (his Daughter); MUSTAPHA (Captain of the Sheik's Guard); FAIRY TINKLE; KING RAT; ABLE SEAMAN SPRATT; Villagers, Sailors, Guards etc.

Alderman Fitzwarren could be doubled with Sheik Anvac. King Rat can be played as 'Queen Rat'.

A mini version of ‘Dick Whittington’ is now available. It was written for a junior school, but could be played by any age group.

CAST: DICK WHITTINGTON; THOMAS (a Cat); SARAH (a Cook); IDLE JACK; MR. FITZWARREN (a Shopkeeper); ALICE (his Daughter); KING RATTUS (a vile Villain); NARRATOR; CAPTAIN CLUCK (a Sailor); BOSUN SHINE (another Sailor); SHEIK ANZ; THE BELLES OF SHOREDITCH (A Winsome Threesome), BOBBY DAZZLER (a P.C.); SAILOR MANN; Villagers, Sailors, Guards etc.

SCENES: Siimple settings.

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