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Pantomime Scripts

Dick Whittington 2 Pantomime

I wrote a version of ‘Dick Whittington’ for my grandson’s junior school, one Christmas past. The brief was to come up with a script that would last no more than one hour, which could be performed on a very basic stage, with minimal scenery. The whole class of some thirty children was keen to take part, so I created a good deal of worthwhile chorus involvement, although the numbers could be large or small, and there is the possibility of doubling, and maybe even trebling. Since rehearsal time was quite limited, I was careful to not overtax the children with too much line learning, even in the leading roles. I have expanded it to a full-length pantomime, and revised it slightly so that it can be performed by all ages. It follows the traditional story, but is chock full of chuckles. N.B. This is not an attempt to start a franchise!

CAST: DICK WHITTINGTON; THOMAS (a Cat); SARAH (a Cook); IDLE JACK; MR. FITZWARREN; ALICE (his Daughter); KING RATTUS (a vile Villain); RALPHIE (a Ratling); RAYLENE a Ratling); NARRATOR; CAPTAIN CLUCK (a Sailor); BOSUN SHINE (another Sailor); SHEIK ANZ; THE BELLES OF SHOREDITCH (Nell Bell, Mel Bell, and Adèle Bell!); BOBBY DAZZLER (a P.C.); SAILOR MANN; Pedlars, Ratlings, Sailors, Guards etc.

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