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Pantomime Scripts

Cinderella Pantomime

You'll find all the favourite ingredients, in this traditional tale about the poor, put-upon Cinderella, who is forced to do all the menial household tasks by her selfish stepsisters, Kitty and Katty. Her only friend is the handyman Buttons. Cinderella's Fairy Godmother works wonders, and a new Princess is the belle of the ball. Magic mingles with the moonlight, but when midnight strikes, Cinderella makes a hasty exit, leaving behind her glass slipper, the only clue to her identity. Prince Charmian vows to find it's owner. Hope and humour spring eternal in this happy-ending story.

CAST: BARONESS HORTENSIA HARDUPP; BARON HORATIO HARDUPP, CINDERELLA (his Daughter); KITTY (her Stepsister); KATTY (her other Stepsister); BUTTONS; PRINCE CHARMIAN; DANDINI (the Prince's Manservant); BLOCK (a Broker's Man); TACKLE (another Broker's Man); FAIRY GODMOTHER; MAJOR DOMO; MISTRESS MIBBS (a Landlady); BLACK TOM (a Ghost); Villagers, Lords, Ladies, Animals, Fairies etc.

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To make your shows as professional as possible, G.Wizz scripts include music cues, effects cues, lighting and sound cues, drum cues, suggestions for music, and production notes.

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