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Pantomime Scripts

Ali Baba Pantomime

A far-fetched, funny fantasy, featuring the forty thieve - give or take a few! Shopkeeper Salli Baba scoffs when her son Ali sets off to search for the stronghold of the despicable Desert Fox and his band of brigands. Inside the Fox's lair, there are pitfalls and pratfalls, but it's 'Open Sesame', and closing time for the crooks, when Ali and his friends finally flush out the Fox and restore his ill-gotten gains to the Sultan. You can be sure the baddies get their just desserts! There are sheer delights of the Arabian nights, and days of dastardly deeds, with a couple of twists in the tale.

CAST: SALLI BABA (a Shopkeeper); ALI BABA (her Son); BENNI BABA (her other Son); PRINCESS PANEETA; THE SULTAN; MONAH (the Sultana); WAFFLAH (a Storyteller); CAPTAIN KHAYYAM; THE DESERT FOX (a Robber); SHAMEEZ (Benni's Girlfriend); DILHI (a gormless Guard); DALHI (a very gormless Guard); SERENAIDH (a Donkey); A HERALD; 'INDIANA' JONES; BLODWEN (his Assistant); A MUMMY; Villagers, Robbers, Children, Guards etc.

The Sultan could be doubled with Indiana Jones. Monah could be doubled with Blodwen. Captain Khayyam and The Desert Fox are played by the same actor.


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