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Pantomime Scripts

About Us

G. Wizz is the alias of Graham Barraclough, who has worked in the entertainment business since 1975 as a publicist, administrator, professional actor and set designer. In 1990, he became a full-time children’s entertainer, using the name G. Wizz, and presenting a wild and wacky show that was fast, furious and physical. He has extensive experience in amateur theatre as an actor, director and designer.

The first G. Wizz pantomime was ‘Dick Whittington’, written in 1996, for a large, local amateur operatic society. It was very well received, and so ‘Jack And The Beanstalk’ and ‘Babes In The Wood’ followed.

G.Wizz scripts were eventually launched into cyberspace in March 2003, and like Topsy, they have ‘grown and grown’.

Having done quite a bit of acting and a lot of performing, G.Wizz reckons he has some understanding of what works in front of an audience, both verbally and visually. He tries to craft his scripts, and this means considerable editing and numerous rewrites, to get them as tight as possible. The aim is to produce scripts that are original, imaginative, adaptable, popular, and above all successful, to inspire the performers and bring out the best in them.

Help Included

To make your shows as professional as possible, G.Wizz scripts include music cues, effects cues, lighting and sound cues, drum cues, suggestions for music, and production notes.

Save Money

G. Wizz pantomime scripts cost much less than you would expect to pay for pantomimes from the major publishers. This could add up to a substantial saving over a number of performances.

New for '09

G. Wizz Promotions’ version of RED RIDING HOOD, presented by St. Mary’s Theatre Club in the Scilly Isles, was featured on two programmes of the BBC 2 series AN ISLAND PARISH

Red Riding Hood

Praise indeed!

"A new script that gave all principals a good slice of the dialogue and good opportunities to have fun. And fun it certainly was."
Review of 'Robinson Crusoe', by Gordon Neagle, NODA Regional Representative